Discover your running potential case study

Discover Your Running Potential with Emergence Physical Therapy’s 3DMA System

Advanced 3D Running Motion Capture and Analysis Technology Emergence Physical Therapy, a US-based company, offers comprehensive running evaluations at their Central Oregon facility. With decades of experience in analyzing runners’ gait cycles, their expert team helps identify and correct form deficiencies to increase running potential. Using 3DMA, their 3D motion capture system, runners can see […]

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Car León case study

Revolutionizing Sports Training

The Role of Motion Analysis Software in Biomechanics and Coaching The use of motion analysis software, such as 3D optical capture systems, has become increasingly popular in the world of sports. These tools provide sub-millimetric precision in measuring the movement of the human body, which can help coaches and biomechanics experts improve performance, prevent injuries, […]

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3DMA Chris Froome

Cycling 3DMA with Chris Froome

Biomechanical analysis in cycling with Cycling 3DMA: Improving the position of Chris Froome Summary At the training camp of the professional cycling team “Israel – Premier Tech Pro Cycling Team”, podiatrist and bike fitter Gerardo Lozano used Cycling 3DMA to analyze Chris Froome’s kinematic and kinetic data and improve his position on the bike. Froome, […]

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Cycling 3DMA: the tool used by the Movistar Team professional cycling team to optimize performance.

Have you ever had problems with the fit of your bike? Do you feel that you can’t achieve an optimal position and that your performance suffers? If you’re a cyclist, this may sound familiar. The professional cycling team Movistar Team, like many other teams and cyclists around the world, has found the solution to these […]

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Motion Capture & Biomechanical Analysis in Tennis

As tennis players seek to improve their skills, they are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their performance. One technology that is gaining popularity in the world of tennis is motion capture, which can be used to track a player’s movements on the court and analyze their biomechanics. At the Diadem Technology […]

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Basket 3dma

Using optical 3D mocap to test the effect of fatigue on basketball players’ shooting

Basketball is a sport that requires physical fitness, skill, and endurance. The ability to shoot accurately is a crucial aspect of the game. However, when players experience fatigue, their shooting performance may suffer. To understand the effect of fatigue on shooting, researchers have turned to optical 3D motion capture technology. Optical 3D motion capture technology […]

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What is RunDNA?

What is RunDNA? Running analysis using optical motion capture

3D motion capture technology has revolutionised the way we understand human movement. In particular, its use in biomechanical running analysis has enabled coaches, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals to improve the way they address injuries and enhance athlete performance. One of the leaders in the use of 3D motion capture in biomechanical running analysis is […]

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Get A Professional Bike Fit Now

Getting A Professional Bike Fit | Everything You Need To Know Cycling 3DMA is a cutting-edge 3D analysis tool for cycling that works at 100 frames per second and offers full-body analysis. It uses 4-6 motion capture cameras and includes bike measurement protocols. This powerful technology can be used by bike fitters to help cyclists […]

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Yeyo Corral talks about Cycling 3DMA

Yeyo is a cycling enthusiast with extensive experience in the evaluation and physical preparation of the cyclist. He is currently the head of Macrociclo, a company that offers online training to endurance athletes. He also studies biomechanics at Clínica Icomed (Santander) and MDS360 in Madrid. Combine all of the above with exclusive biomechanical advice to […]

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