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2D Motion Analysis.

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The easiest and most portable motion capture and analysis solution

Based on HD, high-speed video analysis, 2DMA products can be the perfect tool for quick assessments at permanent or temporary locations. Its functional yet astonishingly visual interface is the perfect feedback for athletes and coaches.

2DMA features

These are some of the main features.

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Accurate by definition

Its 1080p video feed ensures millimetric accuracy, both in marker tracking and angle calculation.

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1 or 2-camera configurations

Cycling 2DMA can record from 1 camera (side analysis) or 2 cameras (side + back analysis, side + side analysis).

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50+ automatic measurements

Cycling 2DMA offers all the metrics considered as key in the bike fitting industry, with reference ranges per bike discipline.

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Easy reporting in just 3 seconds

Create and deliver a detailed report of the session to your customers – in DOCX or PDF formats and with your own logo.

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Advanced features available

Add your own annotations and measurements. Edit reference ranges based on your expertise. Configure video file settings.

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Video feed comparison modes

Analyze single recordings or compare two for richer insights, either in overlapping mode or on side-by-side mode.

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Up to 100-120 FPS acquisition rates

Record at mid-speed (50-60 FPS) or high-speed rates (100-120 FPS) with all frames sharp and focused. Your choice!

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Supports synced or unsynced cameras

The default camera model enables hw sync in multi-view configurations. Interested in a simpler solution? Ask us about it.

2DMA protocols

Discover the different protocols available in 2DMA.

Gait & Running de Motio STT

Gait & Running

Gait and running analysis in 2D in a matter of seconds

What does it consist of

Gait 2DMA offers a quick dynamic assessment of gait and running motion.

It is a plug and play system using 1 lateral camera, which requires a free space of about 1,5m.

It is set up through a simple procedure, making it the perfect candidate for temporary locations or as a portable tool.

Available protocols

  • Side march
  • March both sides (under construction)
  • Side run
  • Race both sides (under construction)

What does it consist of

Use it to fit a new bike or just to analyze how good the posture is through a significant amount of data.

It is a plug and play system using 1 or 2 cameras, which requires a free space of about 2×2.5m or 3x3m.

It is set up through a simple procedure, making it the perfect candidate for temporary locations or as a portable tool.

Available protocols

  • Cycling analysis full-body on free trainer
  • Cycling analysis full-body on fixed trainer
  • Bike measurements (Road, TT-Aero & MTB)
Producto de Motio STT


Record and measure what you want and get a report in a matter of seconds

What does it consist of

The free module allows you to record videos and perform any static measurement. Give names and annotations. And generate a report.

Available protocols

  • Record what you want, from the plane you want

What is included in 2DMA

2DMA comprises a comprehensive set of software and hardware.

2DMA features


Permanent license. No fees.

Select your analysis protocols.

2DMA features


1 or 2-camera configurations or import mode.

From 50 to 120 FPS.

2DMA features


Everything you need to setup the system.

Cables, markers, adhesives, tripod, etc.

2DMA features

Training & Support included

Our technical team will guide you through the first recordings and tests until you are comfortable.

In Spanish and English and in less than 24 hours. STT's support is one of the pillars of its services and for which it is most recognised.

2DMA case studies

Users who have trusted 2DMA attest to its usefulness.

Do you want more information?

Download our informative brochures or consult the frequently asked questions.

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