Science of Cycling uses Cycling 2DMA for Bike Fitting Analysis

Science of Cycling uses 2DMA

Simone Casonato, founder of Science of Cycling in Carugo, Italy, has been using Cycling 2DMA to improve his bike fitting analysis. Cycling 2DMA is a simple and user-friendly 2D video-based motion capture system that operates at 120 frames per second, providing high-precision data for accurate analysis.

Cycling 2DMA uses a single camera to record a cyclist’s movement and then analyzes the data to provide precise measurements of joint angles, body position, and movement patterns. This information is used to optimize bike fit, prevent injury, and improve cycling performance.

Cycling 2DMA is not only for professional cyclists or bike fitters. The system is also suitable for anyone looking to improve their cycling performance and prevent injury. With Cycling 2DMA, users can assess their own cycling form and make necessary adjustments to optimize their bike fit and performance.

Cycling 2DMA is a powerful tool that can be used to improve cycling performance and prevent injury. It is an essential tool for anyone serious about cycling.

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