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Getting A Professional Bike Fit | Everything You Need To Know

Cycling 3DMA is a cutting-edge 3D analysis tool for cycling that works at 100 frames per second and offers full-body analysis. It uses 4-6 motion capture cameras and includes bike measurement protocols. This powerful technology can be used by bike fitters to help cyclists optimize their position and maximize their performance.

In the below YouTube video, ex-pro cyclist and iron man triathlete Magnus Backstedt demonstrates how Cycling 3DMA can be used to improve a cyclist’s position. Magnus explains that a professional bike fit is essential for optimizing comfort, power production, and aerodynamics, particularly for time trial bikes. He uses Cycling 3DMA to marker up the cyclist’s body and record 30-40 seconds of data while the cyclist pedals. This data is then analyzed and used to make any necessary adjustments to the rider’s position.

Using Cycling 3DMA, Magnus is able to identify that the cyclist is struggling to open up their left hip flexor, which is causing them to tilt over while pedaling. This issue is common among people who sit for long periods, whether at work or during travel. With the help of Cycling 3DMA, Magnus is able to make the necessary adjustments to the cyclist’s position to alleviate this problem and improve their overall performance.

If you’re looking to optimize your cycling performance, consider a professional bike fit using Cycling 3DMA.

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