iSen and inertial sensors arrive at Gimbernat University Schools

The School of Physiotherapy of the Gimbernat University Schools, on the Torrelavega campus, has begun to use its new STT-IWS inertial sensors and the iSen system.

The iSen system uses STT-IWS inertial sensors that provide real-time angles as well as angular velocities and accelerations. They communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi, so they can transfer information to any Windows-based computer. The iSen system consists of a variable number of both inertial sensors as well as software packages to analyze the results.

Inertial and iSen sensors are ideal for outdoor sessions, where fixed installations are not feasible, or for locations where occlusions are a problem. STT Systems has provided the Gimbernat University Colleges School of Physiotherapy with a complete software package with 3D rendering and real-time full-body biomechanical analysis, including a wide range of biomechanical models and analysis tools.

In short, inertial sensors and the iSen system are a versatile tool. Applicable to different fields such as education, research and clinical practice.

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