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Smart Biomechanics.

Motio's mission is to help achieve biomechanical analysis in the simplest, most precise and efficient way possible. For this, it has more than 25 years of experience developing customized solutions for the most cutting-edge companies around the world. We have knowledge in software development, testing and hardware installation and we work to give the best support.

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STT has national and international experience. Since 1998 it has been working on 3D optical capture and analysis and since 2007 it was the first company to also have inertial sensor technology. Among the most innovative proprietary technological solutions is the development of a multi-application motion capture engine (3DMA); the design of an inertial sensor or own IMU with WiFi connectivity at 400Hz (STT-IWS); the development of biomechanical analysis software for the US bicycle manufacturer Trek Bikes installed in 400 locations around the world; or the official swimmer tracking and analysis system used by FINA at the 2013 Barcelona Swimming World Championships.

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