Yeyo Corral talks about Cycling 3DMA

Yeyo is a cycling enthusiast with extensive experience in the evaluation and physical preparation of the cyclist. He is currently the head of Macrociclo, a company that offers online training to endurance athletes. He also studies biomechanics at Clínica Icomed (Santander) and MDS360 in Madrid. Combine all of the above with exclusive biomechanical advice to the Aldro Cycling Team at its Cyclist Technification Center. As if that were not enough, he is one of the promoters of I+D Cycling, a recently created network of specialized centers.

Yeyo Corral habla sobre 3DMA

In order to acquire sufficient preparation, Yeyo has come a long way. He has a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. He was trained at the University of León by Dr. Juan García. To the degree in Physiotherapy, he has added several qualifications that include postgraduate degrees in Pedagogical Aptitude and Structural Osteopathy, a Master’s Degree in High Sports Performance and a Master’s Degree in Management of Sports Entities and Centers.

It is not difficult for Yeyo to explain why he chose Cycling 3DMA – Professional Bike fitting as his exclusive system for biomechanical analysis. “The possibility of analyzing the cyclist 360° in a matter of seconds, in the same pedaling cycle, is incalculably valuable,” he explains. Unlike other systems, Cycling 3DMA allows “quantifying symmetry in metric variables”.

Indeed, this technology puts all the power of a full-body 3D analysis within everyone’s reach, at high speed and in a very simple way. “And best of all, being able to compare the effect of corrections applied on one side, on the opposite side.”

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