What is Cycling 2DMA?


Cycling 2DMA provides a quick dynamic assessment of cycling motion while pedalling. The system can be used to help fit a new bike, or simply analyze how good the posture of anyone on the bike is. It is based on a 100-120 FPS high-speed, HD camera which tracks certain anatomical points. Yes, the marker tracking is done automatically — this means that the system will be able to analyze several pedalling cycles and collect statistically relevant data. You can crop the recording in order to select a specific period of time.

Cycling 2DMA is prepared to work with road bikes, MTB, TT, TRI. You can easily compare two recordings so as to check the differences in posture. The dynamic analysis is instantaneous: as soon as the tracking is done, the results will be made available to the user. The application will display normal data for each biomechanical parameter and will show whether the current parameters are inside or outside the normal ranges. You can easily take notes of the final bike measurements, and in a second generate a report that contains information on the selected bike geometry, anthropometry (if any), dynamic measurements, screenshots of key postures, etc.

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