Motion Capture & Biomechanical Analysis in Tennis

As tennis players seek to improve their skills, they are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve their performance. One technology that is gaining popularity in the world of tennis is motion capture, which can be used to track a player’s movements on the court and analyze their biomechanics.

At the Diadem Technology Center, we use 3DMA motion capture and biomechanical analysis technology developed by STT Systems. Our system uses 14 reflective markers to track a player’s ankle, knee, hip, arm, and shoulder movements. In addition, our system also monitors the player’s racket using 3 markers, capturing speed and movement in real time.

Once we’ve captured a player’s movements, our unique software can provide detailed analysis of their swing trajectory, angular velocity, linear velocity, and racket position in relation to both the court and the player’s body. We can also provide information about the static weight, balance weight, and swing weight of the racket.

This information can be used to help players improve their skills and optimize their equipment.

For example, our software can compare a player’s racquet to one of our custom racquets, designed to meet the player’s specific stroke. By analyzing the biomechanics and performance of a player’s racket, we can provide recommendations for the most effective equipment setup.

Overall, our motion capture and biomechanical analysis technology offers tennis players a powerful tool to improve their game. With the ability to track and analyze all aspects of a player’s movement and equipment, we can help players take their skills to the next level.

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