Cycling 3DMA: the tool used by the Movistar Team professional cycling team to optimize performance.

Have you ever had problems with the fit of your bike? Do you feel that you can’t achieve an optimal position and that your performance suffers? If you’re a cyclist, this may sound familiar. The professional cycling team Movistar Team, like many other teams and cyclists around the world, has found the solution to these problems by using Cycling 3DMA.

Cycling 3DMA is a biomechanical cycling analysis tool that uses 3D motion capture technology and works at 100 FPS. With 4 or 6 high-speed cameras, this tool is able to analyze the movement of the cyclist and the bike in real time, from multiple angles and in detail.

Movistar Team, through Víctor Rodríguez Rielves and Xabier Muriel use Cycling 3DMA to perform biomechanical studies and bike adjustments to their riders. Through this process, riders can achieve an optimal and comfortable position on their bike, reducing the risk of injury and improving their race performance.

In their November video, you can see how Movistar Team riders are analyzed in detail using Cycling 3DMA. In the video, you can see the adjustments that are made to the bikes and how these adjustments affect the position of the riders. In addition, you can also see the results that are obtained through this process, including improved rider comfort and performance.

In conclusion, Cycling 3DMA is a useful tool for any cyclist looking to improve performance and comfort. As can be seen in the Movistar Team example, Cycling 3DMA can be used to adjust the bike and the rider’s position to achieve a better position and improve performance in the race.

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