Discover Your Running Potential with Emergence Physical Therapy’s 3DMA System

Discover your running potential case study

Advanced 3D Running Motion Capture and Analysis Technology

Emergence Physical Therapy, a US-based company, offers comprehensive running evaluations at their Central Oregon facility. With decades of experience in analyzing runners’ gait cycles, their expert team helps identify and correct form deficiencies to increase running potential. Using 3DMA, their 3D motion capture system, runners can see their running form like never before, compare left to right impact with quantitative analysis software, and take steps towards improving their performance.

3D motion capture systems, like 3DMA, offer unparalleled accuracy in analyzing human movement. These systems use multiple cameras to capture a subject’s motion from various angles, creating a 3D model of the movement that can be analyzed in detail. By analyzing motion in three dimensions, these systems provide a more comprehensive understanding of movement patterns than traditional 2D video analysis.

In the case of Emergence Physical Therapy’s Running Performance Program, the 3DMA system allows for real-time analysis of a runner’s form and mechanical forces from 360 degrees. This provides a detailed view of the runner’s gait, identifying specific areas of weakness and inefficiency. The data gathered from the 3DMA system can be used to create a customized running program that targets these areas, improving performance and reducing the risk of injury.

Their Running Performance Program is designed for both elite runners and novices, offering personalized guidance based on individual body mechanics. Using the 3DMA motion capture arena, they record form and mechanical forces in real-time, generating a comprehensive running report that analyzes stride mechanics, foot & ankle form, pelvic shifts, and upper body movement. This analysis is essential in identifying muscular weakness, imbalance, and technique inefficiencies, and creating a running program that optimizes potential for improvement.

Following the initial assessment, runners may undergo a series of strength & endurance tests on their Biodex to further quantify muscular weakness or imbalance that may be negatively affecting their running ability. At the end of the session, a comprehensive report is provided for the runner to take home and review.

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