What is Cycling 2DMA?

Cycling 2DMA provides a quick dynamic assessment of cycling motion while pedalling. The system can be used to help fit a new bike, or simply analyze how good the posture of anyone on the bike is. It is based on a 100-120 FPS high-speed, HD camera which tracks certain anatomical points. Yes, the marker tracking is done […]

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Science of Cycling uses 2DMA

Science of Cycling uses Cycling 2DMA for Bike Fitting Analysis

Simone Casonato, founder of Science of Cycling in Carugo, Italy, has been using Cycling 2DMA to improve his bike fitting analysis. Cycling 2DMA is a simple and user-friendly 2D video-based motion capture system that operates at 120 frames per second, providing high-precision data for accurate analysis. Cycling 2DMA uses a single camera to record a […]

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