iSen for Gait Analysis

The Utility of Inertial Sensors in Gait Analysis Inertial sensors are an increasingly popular tool in the analysis of human gait. These devices measure the acceleration and angular velocity of moving body parts and can provide valuable information about the way we walk. The use of inertial sensors in gait analysis has many advantages. For […]

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Gait analysis with iSen software and 7 IWS inertial motion units (studio live)

Analyzing the Ergonomics of Workstations using Inertial Sensors (IMUs)

Ensuring that a workstation is ergonomically designed is critical for maintaining the health and safety of workers. One way to evaluate the ergonomic design of a workstation is through the use of inertial sensors and biomechanical analysis. These tools provide objective data that can be used to identify potential risks and make adjustments to improve […]

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Swimming Using Inertial Sensors

Biomechanical Analysis of Swimming Using Inertial Sensors

Swimming is an excellent exercise that engages all major muscle groups and is considered low-impact, making it a popular choice for people of all ages and abilities. However, to optimize performance and prevent injury, it is essential to understand the biomechanics of swimming. Biomechanical analysis of swimming can be performed using inertial sensors, which are […]

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Ice hockey analysis with iSen

Biomechanical hockey analysis with inertial sensors (IMUs) Hockey is a fast and physical sport that requires specific technical and physical skills. To improve player performance and prevent injuries, it’s important to understand how athletes move and act on the field. This is where biomechanical analysis comes into play. Biomechanical analysis uses sensor technology to measure […]

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iSen and inertial sensors arrive at Gimbernat University Schools

The School of Physiotherapy of the Gimbernat University Schools, on the Torrelavega campus, has begun to use its new STT-IWS inertial sensors and the iSen system. The iSen system uses STT-IWS inertial sensors that provide real-time angles as well as angular velocities and accelerations. They communicate wirelessly via Wi-Fi, so they can transfer information to […]

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